Weight Gain

The scale is so confusing. I weighed a whopping 143.0 this morning. How in the world could I have gained five pounds in the last few days when I've gone plant-based vegetarian and I exercise daily? Explain. Yeah, I can't either. But I'm going to keep keepin' on. One of the first things I did … Continue reading Weight Gain


I slept pretty well but Isabella did wake to nurse at 1:30 or so and again at 5:30. I was scared she was going to stay up at the 5:30 one but thankfully she didn’t. I felt decent when Stephen woke me a few minutes before seven. The girls didn’t get up until we’ll after … Continue reading Monday

Vegetarian Day

Over the weekend, I decided I'd like to try transitioning back into vegetarianism. I say 'try' because I am breastfeeding and my body might not appreciate or allow me to remove meat from my diet entirely. The focus will be plant-based instead of carb-heavy like it was ten years ago. So, I started Sunday with … Continue reading Vegetarian Day