Eighteen Months Old

Isabella is one and a half today. 🙂 She’s such a sweetie, I love her so much.

I had an english muffin and some berries for breakfast. Stupid scale still showed 143 today, and even added another .4 lbs to it. Oh well.

Joshua and Maggie went to Walmart mid-morning to look at the summer clothes because I noticed yesterday that they were clearancing everything even though summer is nowhere near to being over.

While they were gone, I did some laundry, played with the girls and got ready for the day. Elizabeth was really into the pretend food.

When they got home, we all had lunch and then everyone but Joshua went to Trader Joe’s in Atlanta. I knew the traffic would be bad with it being Friday but we ended up following Maggie’s phone’s route and going a different way than the interstate. It was fun and we got to see the new stadium up close and personal.

Trader Joe’s wasn’t that busy and the girls enjoyed themselves. 🙂

When we got home, Samuel heard the ice cream truck and asked if he could get something. I’d promised that we would do it this summer at least once (we never have) and today was the day. He was so happy. :’)

I let the little girls do the pool again and then they played inside for awhile. Maggie had gotten new earring at Walmart and she tried them on in the afternoon once we were home (in case she had a sensitivity to them like I have had). But her ears were happy and they are really cute.

Maggie and Joshua went to Culver’s to pick up half of their dinner (just the main dishes) but I fixed myself a chili bean quesadilla. It was good. I had potato chips and celery with ranch dressing as well. The chips left me feeling really oily and super thirsty afterward so I think I’m going to ditch those from my diet.

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