Weight Gain

The scale is so confusing. I weighed a whopping 143.0 this morning. How in the world could I have gained five pounds in the last few days when I’ve gone plant-based vegetarian and I exercise daily? Explain.

Yeah, I can’t either.
But I’m going to keep keepin’ on.

One of the first things I did today was chop up a bunch of veggies. Zucchini, squash and onion were all needed in upcoming dinners so I did them.

Then I had a bowl of Cinnamon Life with fresh peaches on top. Yum

Samuel was disrespectful yesterday and wasn’t allowed to use his tablet once he got home from Stephen’s work. In the evening, he had a really good attitude and he even helped me with dinner. During that time, we found a song called, “The Eye of the Storm” and we both really liked it. This morning, he colored a picture while listening to it again. And we have decided to do away with the tablet entirely as he is a happier kid without it.

After taking my shower, I got to work on the house and laundry. I moved some furniture with Samuel’s help.

And then he went out to play in the van while I finished up a few things. I joined him with his school work after about half an hour. I grabbed a small bag of wheat crackers as a snack.

Our focus was was on the days of the week, reading, and history. Before we knew it, it was lunch. I had mushrooms, cheese, and tortilla chips and salsa.

I went to Walmart to pick up a few things I’d forgotten on Tuesday and then all of the kids but Joshua came out with me. We first took Samuel to Stephen’s work again, and then we took a drive with the girls.

When we got home, Joshua showed us his new phone case which had come in the mail, and then I set up a new toy I’d bought for the little girls.

They both loved it. I let Isabella see it first, before Elizabeth knew about it, because she (Elizabeth) gets very possessive of things and I wanted Izzy to at least have some time to play with it before that happened.

Maggie and Joshua went thrift shopping and to play billiards at a bowling alley near us, while Stephen and Samuel were out getting ice cream, so it was just me and the little girls at home for awhile. I was able to exercise (!) which was nice because I’m not usually able to with them in the same room because it upsets them but they were both fairly relaxed about it after the initial shock wore off, lol. Anyway, I power walked almost three miles. 🙂 I had a protein drink before the workout and then some pretzels about an hour later.

For dinner, I made gyros and Greek salads. I decided I wanted to have beef instead of substituting it with something else. This is only the second time I’ve had meat this week, which isn’t bad for an impromptu diet change!

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