Weight Loss

Yesterday, I weighed in at 138.4 lbs. 🙂 I’d been hovering at 142 for MONTHS so that was surprising. Of course, I hadn’t been actively trying to lose weight during those months, nor was I eating mostly vegetarian like I am now, so it makes sense that I am finally losing. Also, I have started exercising again. My back has been fine during workouts but is pretty angry afterward. I’m beginning to add in ab exercises to strengthen my core but I’m scared how my spine may respond.

So, in the morning after my coffee and shower, I had a bowl of Cinnamon Life with strawberries yesterday.

Joshua got up and cut the grass instead of going for a bike or skateboard ride because the grass was getting really long. When he was finished, he helped Maggie watch the girls while I went grocery shopping with Samuel

On our way there, I had half of a banana, some grapes, and a serving of almonds. While we were shopping, there was a big thunderstorm, which is unusual because summer storms are almost always in the afternoon. I was glad Joshua had gotten the yard done when he did!

When we got home, Isabella was ready to nurse and go down for a nap.

I fixed my lunch which was a slow cooked sweet potato, some cheese cubes, and a piece of cornbread.

Maggie stayed with Elizabeth while I went to the van to do school with Samuel. We focused just on history which was fun because it meant an episode of Liberty’s Kids. 😉

When we came in, I power walked for a mile and a half even though Elizabeth protested off and on (she mostly just didn’t like me using the hand weights).

I followed the workout with a protein drink (and a scoop of peanut powder)

When Izzy woke from her nap, we went and grabbed a pizza from Little Caesars for the kids. Elizabeth had fun playing with my phone/camera. :’)

I had a snack when we got home. I had an orange and a small serving (because we were nearly out) of tortilla chips and salsa. I mostly spent the rest of the afternoon talking with Maggie and tidying up the house (grocery shopping day is always messy).

When Stephen got off from work mid-afternoon, he picked up Joshua and they went to Home Depot and Kroger together. They were still out at dinner time so I made some side dishes for Maggie and me to have (the boys had leftovers once they were home). I had a side salad, roasted green beans, macaroni and cheese, and a buttermilk biscuit.

I worked out again a little while after dinner while Joshua watched the girls, and then I had an applesauce as a dessert. I went to bed hungry so I guess my dinner hadn’t had enough protein. :/

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