Think Happy

I felt great when I woke up this morning, rested and positive. I think exercising and eating better are definitely having the right effect on me.

Izzy slept in while Elizabeth was up bright and early at 8:00. But she was in a happy mood so it was nice to see her. I grabbed a cherry yogurt and a glass of water as a mini breakfast before taking my shower.

Joshua went for a ride on his skateboard and I did some laundry. I got Samuel and the girls their breakfasts, and then I chopped up an apple and sliced a banana for myself.

Samuel and I headed out to the van for school. We did a speech activity, read several books, and watched Liberty’s Kids.

When I came in, I helped Joshua make some iced tea and then I made my lunch.

I cooked some angel hair pasta and fixed a salad for lunch. I had a serving of almonds as well.

Elizabeth had some fun with flashcards while I was cleaning up after lunch.

I vacuumed my room and then the living room and hall.

At this point, Elizabeth wanted to wash her hands and face in the bathroom. :’) She’s going through a nude phase at the moment so yeah…

I tried my chocolate protein drink with the new peanut powder again, but I upped the peanut and it was fantastic!

We headed out at around 2pm, first to drop Samuel off at Stephen’s work and then to meet my sister, Natalie at Chick-Fil-A. The girls did great and Maggie and Joshua loved seeing Natalie. I gave her the car seat we don’t need for Izzy anymore. Can’t wait until she has her baby!

When we got home, I took the girls out to do the pool again.

A while later, Samuel helped me make dinner. We had quesadillas and tator tots. All the quesadillas were different. Mine was made with sliced provolone cheese, sauteed mushrooms and onions, and shredded cheddar cheese. It was amazing!

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