I slept pretty well but Isabella did wake to nurse at 1:30 or so and again at 5:30. I was scared she was going to stay up at the 5:30 one but thankfully she didn’t. I felt decent when Stephen woke me a few minutes before seven.

The girls didn’t get up until we’ll after eight so I had an easy time helping Stephen get everything ready for him to go to work. Maggie was already up, like normal, and Samuel got up shortly before he left. I woke Joshua and encouraged him to go out into the neighborhood and ride his skateboard before it was too hot.

My breakfast (which I shared with Izzy) was a bowl of Cinnamon Life and sliced banana.

I worked around the house, looked at books with the girls, and got the boys doing what they needed to. I went ahead and fixed myself  a snack at around 10:30 because I am trying to prevent hunger before it starts (I tend to overeat or grab carbs when I’m hungry because hunger turns to famished quickly) So my snack was sautéed mushrooms from yesterday, and a handful of wheat crackers with hummus (yeah, I decided to give it another try…I don’t like hummus, apparently…a texture thing).

I nursed Isabella before heading out to the van with Samuel for school and speech. Maggie blogged and watched the girls for me while I went outside.

Samuel and I moved up in the driveway into the shade and we were quite comfortable. Of course we had to have the a/c on full blast.

When we came in, it was time for lunch. I had roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli, and SunChips.

Of course the house was a mess after just a morning’s worth of dumping and playing by the girls. 😛

After lunch, we cleaned up and got ready to go out for a drive. Stephen said it was fine if I brought Samuel to his work to hang out with him and watch a movie. Samuel was thrilled. 🙂 Joshua finished his school work, cleaned up his room, and got on the PlayStation.

We (Maggie, Samuel, Elizabeth and Isabella) and I left for our drive. First, we took Samuel to Stephen’s work, and then we went to drop off recycling. Izzy napped. I had a sliced apple and a small bunch of grapes as a snack in the van. We went to Ingles once Izzy woke up and it went really well.

I was completely perplexed by the “veggie burgers” section at Ingles, though! Instead of veggie burgers, there were particularly graphic animal products like stomachs and livers. 😦 Gross.

Once we were home, I had a bowl of rice puffs (I couldn’t believe I found them at Ingles!) with blueberries (which all sunk to the bottom!)

And then I set up the pool for the girls on the back porch.

After that, I exercised for about twenty-five minutes while Joshua watched the girls. It felt good but my spine hurt afterward.

I threw dinner together quickly once I was done working out but it wasn’t a meal I was happy with. I made spaghetti and crescent rolls. I need to go grocery shopping so we were out of salad and I didn’t have vegetables that I could use in place of the meat (for myself). It tasted good but it definitely lacked veg!

After dinner, my legs really started aching. I mean, really really aching. It felt like dehydration which was absurd because I drank a lot of water over the course of the day. I spent a few minutes deciding whether I should take some pain reliever or have a wine cooler. I didn’t know what was causing the ache so I couldn’t know for sure which would help (when I ovulate, I hurt terribly – Motrin does not help while a wine cooler does). Anyway, I went with the drink and eventually it did help. I guess it was related to my spine and working out but who knows…

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