Vegetarian Day

Over the weekend, I decided I’d like to try transitioning back into vegetarianism. I say ‘try’ because I am breastfeeding and my body might not appreciate or allow me to remove meat from my diet entirely. The focus will be plant-based instead of carb-heavy like it was ten years ago.

So, I started Sunday with a cup of coffee, complete with sugar and cream. A little while later, I had a cinnamon raisin english muffin and a small apple.

My lunch was a chili bean and onion taco with cheese and shredded lettuce, plus some yummy sauteed mushrooms.

About an hour later, I had carrots and celery with ranch dressing, and some Triscuits. Maggie and I went to Publix mid-afternoon and I bought hummus with caramelized onion for the first time. It was okay with crackers (I had two or three) but I think it will be better paired with veggies next time.

I made beef tacos for dinner which was unplanned (hence the two taco day), and I made mine with chili beans again but I also added sweet corn in there. I had a tiny salad (because it was the end of the bag) and a piece of cornbread.

I exercised for about 25 minutes after dinner and even though my thighs were tired initially, they adjusted and the workout felt great.

Maybe an hour to ninety minutes later, I decided to have some berries as a dessert. I wasn’t really craving anything sweet but I thought it might make a nice ending to my day, which it did. 🙂

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