A Mysterious Cough

Mid-week, Samuel presented with a dry, unproductive cough. He kept talking about his throat being dry and he even lost his voice on Thursday and Friday morning. At first, I thought it was a virus taking its time to hit but then he didn’t get sick (which I’m definitely thankful for!)

Yesterday morning, I started thinking maybe it was an asthma-type cough but I couldn’t identify a trigger (nor has he ever had one). But I called his pediatrician anyway and made an appointment for the afternoon because he just kept on coughing!

Just before leaving the house, Samuel (probably) solved the mystery. He remembered that Joshua started using a new spray deodorant this week. And it is STRONG. It doesn’t smell bad but that stuff lingers in the air for hours.

So, his pediatrician agreed that it was probably the deodorant. She said his lungs were clear (no wheezing) but that what he was probably experiencing was a chemical sensitivity to propylene glycol, an active ingredient in the deodorant. I guess Joshua is just going to have to find and use something else.

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