To Target with the Boys & Fireflies

Stephen called me when he was getting off from work yesterday and said that he had been really sick earlier in the day. He’d been nauseous and chilled, and just off feeling. I felt so bad when he told me! Thankfully, he started feeling better in the evening and today he seems fine. 🙂

I took Joshua and Samuel to Target last night. Well actually, Joshua drove so I guess, technically, he took us. Anyway, after dinner we went out while Maggie watched the girls.

Before looking around Target, Joshua wanted to look at GameStop. Unfortunately, he found a game that appealed to him but is not something I feel is appropriate for him (or anyone). He tried to talk me into letting him buy it, but ultimately the answer was “no.”

Samuel enjoyed browsing the toy section of Target (especially the LEGO aisle) but he was disappointed that he really didn’t see any appeal in purchasing something. We bought some smores Oreos (which we found did not taste like smores at all but did taste good) and we headed home.

When we arrived, it was dusk and the fireflies were out in abundance. Samuel caught one, let it go, and then caught it again just to prove that he could, lol.

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