Thunderstorms & Moving the Dining Room Table

We had a nice, big thunderstorm on Friday and I enjoyed getting Elizabeth excited about it. We talked about the rain and the wind, and I taught her to say “ka-BOOM!” for the thunder. She loved it. We had more storms all day yesterday. I couldn’t believe how much rain we got! Something like five inches? We received flash flood warnings on our phones (but the National Weather Service didn’t disclose the actual areas of danger, lol)

Isabella has learned to climb and she really likes doing it. She also really likes standing on the dining room table, with one of us spotting her. Not what I want to be doing all day. So we moved the chairs into the other room last week but then Elizabeth began using other means to climb onto the table and it was frustrating poor Izzy. So we decided to ditch the whole setup for now, just like we had to do when Elizabeth was Izzy’s age. Yep, we turned the dining room into a play area.

I’m still formulating a plan on how we’re going to decorate, and what meal times will look like, but the girls have been enjoying the vastness, lol.

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