Heading to the Chiropractor (for the First Time)

Unfortunately, my back is not getting better. I’ve had some days here and there when it has felt okay but most days it hurts really bad. I have given my body two and a half months to heal on its own and bounce back, but it’s not happening. So, I finally bit the bullet and looked into chiropractic care. I have an appointment for Monday morning and I have to say, I am quite anxious. Nerve pain scares me so much and I am not sure what sort of sensations I am going to be feeling if/when I get adjusted.

I don’t only have the thing going on with my back, either. My neck has had many times of stiffness and nerve pain over the years. Of course, I woke up with it hurting this morning. I have no idea if it’s “fixable,” but I’m definitely going to bring it up.

2 thoughts on “Heading to the Chiropractor (for the First Time)

  1. I’ve watched a couple of YouTubers who talked about how when they went to a chiropractor it really helped them. Both are moms, and one recently shared how with her fifth pregnancy she was going to a specialized one for pregnant women, didn’t even know that was a thing! But it really helps her. A good chiropractor should do wonders, and I’ll be praying 🙂


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