His 100th Win and a Leave it to Beaver Moment

Joshua finally got his hundredth win on Fortnite on Saturday night! This coming on the day I happened to buy him a new watch – a PlayStation watch. I had no idea he’d been wanting a watch so it was a surprise to both of us!

When he got up yesterday morning, he told me about a new game he had downloaded on his PlayStation the night before. He looked guilty when he told that it was rated M (mature), but his rationale was that it wasn’t gory so it was okay. I have never let him randomly play M games; the only ones I’ve made exceptions for have been ones that allow you to turn off “graphic content,” which then changes the rating to T (teen), and not even always then. So, he knew he wasn’t supposed to be playing it without getting my approval.

Anyway, I had a lot that I was doing yesterday morning so I left it alone and just thought I’d look into it later, and I actually let him play it for an hour and a half or so. But when he came into the kitchen at lunchtime and talked to me about it (the missions he’d been doing, etc) he looked uncomfortable. As I learned more about the game, and as he talked about it, he seemed more uncomfortable. I decided to do something I’ve never done: I told him that it was his decision if he wanted to keep playing it. I said he needed to really think about whether he felt the game was good for him to be playing. I also told him that if he decided he was going to play it, there would be limitations on how much he could play it (maybe only an hour a day or a few hours every other day, something like that). But then he said, “I’m not going to play it.” He then admitted how it made him feel (tense and like HE was actually committing the acts on the game). A few minutes later, he left and then came back into the kitchen and told me he’d uninstalled it.

I am so proud of him. ❤️

3 thoughts on “His 100th Win and a Leave it to Beaver Moment

  1. AMEN! There is another mom blogger I know (My Way Home) and Meredith, a while back, shared the same with her son. They sat down and talked about whether or not the game gives glory to God and everything else. Her son also made the choice to not play it. I think in those moments it must so conflicting to decide when to let your kid made a decision, but wow, what privilege for your son to be trusted like that, too. I’m so glad he made this choice!

    Meredith also has a daughter who blogs, too. 🙂 I often think of you and Maggie when I think of them.

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