Shopping at Target & Still Nursing Izzy

I started trying to wean Isabella about three weeks ago, putting her to bed without nursing, and getting her to eat more foods during the day instead of relying on breastfeeding so much. Initially, I thought it was going to be easy because we got sleeping to happen, but then she got really cranky and really clingy, and just plain miserable most of the time during the day. The only thing that soothed her was nursing. Hmm, coincidence? And it continues… So, I am upping the nursing because maybe she’s teething, or maybe it’s a developmental leap, or perhaps she feels emotionally bothered by sleep training. Who knows, but I don’t mind nursing my last baby a little bit longer.

A few weekends ago, I took Elizabeth to Target for the first time. (I hardly ever shop there so there hadn’t been much opportunity to take her.) I was scared to death that day because she hates Walmart and I feared she might feel the same about Target…but I was wrong! She likes Target, doesn’t get upset or overwhelmed, and happily shops with me. 🙂 So I took her back yesterday and it went even better than the first time. She was talkative about what we were seeing on the shelves, she said hi to a man who was walking near us, and bye to the ladies as we finished checking out. 😀 (I may have to start actually shopping at Target, eh?)

One thing that I did both times was provide her with a snack, which I think helped her a lot. She was a little bit distracted instead of being completely focused on what she was seeing.

Oh, and she agreed to wearing a new shirt to go to the store yesterday, too! 🙂

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