The Start of Summer Vacation & I Have Croup

Tomorrow, the boys and I start our summer break from homeschooling. The break is the whole month of June. We may even take July off, too, but that’s yet to be decided. Right now I’m thinking one month will be enough but we’ll see.

So, I had a scratchy throat on Wednesday night and it continued a little bit into yesterday. Then, my chest got really tight in the late morning…that tightness always means a cough is coming. By the time I went out to get my license renewed at 2pm, I was coughing. It was an uncomfortable cough, tight and croup-like. In the evening, I had very little energy and was feeling chilled. Robitussin helped open the cough up a little, and I took Tylenol for the possible fever and achiness. I slept pretty well but when I woke up this morning, I had a very restricted airway, no voice, and a barking cough. Gosh, it’s been forever since I’ve had this happen! I have been taking it easy today (as much a mother can) and I hope I wake up better tomorrow.

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