Whispering and New Shoes

Yesterday afternoon, Elizabeth asked me to come lie down on the bed with her (she does this by saying “bed?” as a question). Isabella was napping in Maggie’s room, the boys were playing games in the office, and Maggie was on the computer in her room so everything was quiet and I wasn’t busy so I happily went in there with her. She was very calm and still while on the bed, smiling happily. This is not like her at all. I wondered if she needed a nap because she was so calm! I decided to do some whispering with her as she seems to really enjoy it. We talked about where different things were in the room for a long time.

Me “Look, there’s the ceiling.” (pointing as I said it)

Elizabeth “Ceewing.”

Me “Where is the ocean?”

Elizabeth “Ocean.” (pointing to a collage on my wall)

Me “See the closet? Where is the closet?”

Elizabeth “Cwoset.” (pointing to the closet)

I love that she will repeat words when I say them now; she never used to. It’s really building her vocabulary. Most of the time, she still says single words to get her point across but she also says phrases that she has learned like, “Come on, let’s go!” Anyway, I really enjoyed the calmness that she was displaying and the closeness that I felt with her from doing that simple activity together. We spent a good fifteen minutes on my bed just labeling things around us. 🙂

The calmness seemed to last for the rest of the evening. She was really pleasant and centered.

Once Izzy was up from her nap, Maggie and I decided to go out with her and Elizabeth just to drive around and get out of the house. I purchased new shoes for Elizabeth over the weekend and they arrived in the mail on Monday but we didn’t go anywhere so she hadn’t seen them until yesterday when we went out. As soon as she got in her car seat, she saw them and got EXCITED so I knew it wasn’t going to be a problem. I put them on her and they fit well. I hadn’t been sure how she’d react but I chose a design that was similar to the ones she previously had (and grew out of) so I’m guessing that’s why they were accepted.

We ended up going through the drive thru at Chick-Fil-A before heading home. I got the little girls fries to share, a lemonade for me, an ice cream cone for Maggie, and the new Smokehouse Barbecue grilled chicken sandwich for all of us to try back at home.

It was such a good day. It didn’t feel autistic at all. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else out there, but as a parent to a child with so many challenges, it was a welcome change.

4 thoughts on “Whispering and New Shoes

  1. I think it’s so cute how she’ll whisper with us! And I agree, that was a very nice outing 😊 Positive experiences like that help me to focus on the good in our lives.


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