Standing Up for Izzy & Singing Along

On Saturday night, when I was giving the girls a bath, Elizabeth took something out of Isabella’s hand. She wasn’t being ugly, she simply wanted to play with the toy and there it was so she grabbed it. In the past, I have tried to distract Izzy in situations like this because Elizabeth’s understanding of things is not like ours and she tends to get very (VERY) upset about things she doesn’t understand. But I’ve been working with her for the last few weeks because I’m seeing some changes and maturing happen and she’s responding really well! So, on Saturday when I took the toy back from her and said, “No, Izzy is playing with this right now. She’s taking a turn with it.” She complained a little (screamed a few times) but then she stopped. 🙂

That bath time was also a pretty monumental event because Elizabeth sang along with me when I began singing The Wheels on the Bus! She had never sang along with me before then. I’ve been hearing her sing to familiar videos here lately so it was exciting to have her join me as well! I followed the bus song with If You’re Happy and You Know It and she sang along with that one, too!

3 thoughts on “Standing Up for Izzy & Singing Along

  1. That’s so awesome!!!

    I don’t know if you’re looking for more kid music, but I was listening to Veggie Tales… no shame xD and apparently on YouTube they have FULL playlists of songs. They even have some worship songs for kids. 🙂 You can listen to all of them for free.

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