A SUNNY Memorial Day :)

Samuel and I planned a party for Memorial Day. I’ve never been one to throw parties unless absolutely necessary (aka birthdays) so this was a BIG step for me in the way of leading a more positive life. I want to have things we can look forward to. We decided on a sunshine theme for the day. We picked up a cake mix of Samuel’s choosing, yellow balloons and streamers, and some yellow sugar sand to color the sun on our cake.

We had a pretty big problem come up with the inflatable pool I bought yesterday morning but we returned it and picked up two little ones instead.

The kids had fun. Samuel and I had gotten two water guns and a few pool toys which were enjoyed.

Izzy didn’t care for sitting (it was cold water!) or getting splashed but she loved just standing in the pool. 🙂

I cooled off with the kids a little bit but I mostly just enjoyed watching them. I squeezed into my bathing suit from like three years ago and had to get a selfie to commemorate the occasion, lol.

After the pool, Samuel and I decorated the office and frosted the cake. He made name cards for everybody and we displayed the balloons.

We had cold subs and potato chips for dinner and then the cake for dessert, of course.

After dinner, we played a fun game of pin the tail on the llama. 😀 And then we played charades. Elizabeth and Isabella didn’t join us for the games but they had fun together in the living room and didn’t miss the fun.

I am so glad we had a party and I am already looking forward to the next one which will hopefully be in June!

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