Riding Tricycles & HEAT

I brought the girls’ tricycles up from the shed several days ago and they have enjoyed riding and climbing on them all week but it’s getting hot so we can’t stay outside for long.

Out of nowhere, the temperatures have soared into the high nineties and so the water play has begun. Izzy likes having a few inches in a bucket and she’s actually pretty good about not dumping it.

I bought Elizabeth her first bathing suit on Tuesday. She likes Ariel from The Little Mermaid (she hasn’t seen the movie but she likes a Disney fun songs tape that we have with Ariel on it) so I chose that for her swim suit. I wasn’t sure if she’d like wearing it but she does! She is also fine to take it off and change back into regular clothes when we come in the house after playing with water.

I put batteries in a little sink we have and she has had a lot of fun playing with that. She is very grumpy when Izzy gets near it, though. I am having to say “no, no” to her when she kicks at her for touching it. She’s actually responding pretty well to being corrected.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised this week as Elizabeth has also worn a dress that was Maggie’s years ago. She really likes it. 🙂

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