A New Park & Playing in the Rain

The kids and I went out yesterday afternoon. I didn’t have any plans but I wanted to get us out of the house – mainly get Elizabeth out of the house – and let Joshua get some driving practice in. So all of us went except Stephen who was staying home to work on some projects.

I thought about visiting a park near where we used to live but I was VERY nervous because of how Elizabeth responded the last time we went to a park (one she has gone to many times before). I decided that if no one was at the “new” park, we’d give it a try. As we pulled up, a car was leaving and the playground was empty. So, we pulled in.

Elizabeth had a great time (so we ALL had a great time)! It started sprinkling after about ten minutes but it felt nice and the girls enjoyed the added experience so we stayed.

Before the rain, Elizabeth liked playing with the dirt. I think this was the first time she’d ever touched black dirt (soil) because usually she’s been around Georgia red dirt or wood chips.

Isabella was in her element. FREE and going wherever she pleased. lol

Elizabeth loved feeling the rain drip off the covering.

Samuel enjoyed the outing and especially the covered area where he could relax (he’s coming down with croup…again).

You might not be able to see it, but Izzy got a scrape on her elbow and had a bloody boo-boo for half the time we were there. She barely noticed. πŸ˜‰

The sun came out again and I told Maggie to look like she was thoughtful in the sunshine. πŸ˜€

Elizabeth did great. She didn’t try to leave, she explored many things without getting upset, and she left willingly when it was time to go. It was the best Mother’s Day gift I could have received. I am SO THANKFUL for a successful outing.

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