Bug Bite Doctor Visit and a Toddler in Pain

Joshua got bitten by some sort of insect over the weekend and the redness from it started spreading so I took him in to see his pediatrician on Tuesday.

The reaction was explained to us as his body’s lymphatic system having a touch of infection so he was prescribed an antibiotic. Poor guy also has a cold but he’s feeling better today which is good because it’s Fortnite day, lol. Season nine, I believe.

Isabella tripped and fell last night, and boy did she cry in pain! I felt so bad for her. 😥 But I couldn’t identify the source of her pain. No bumps or bruises, and after several minutes she calmed down. This morning, she has been acting like she’s still hurting every time she bears weight on her right hand/arm. She’s adapting and either not using it to push herself up or using it just a little.

I couldn’t decide if an x-ray were needed so I decided just to watch her closely throughout the day. Not sure if she sprained something or what but I don’t think there’s much they could do if there’s not a break. And I don’t think anything is broken because of how she’s using her hand/arm otherwise. She is napping comfortably right now so we’ll see how she’s doing later today.

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