Spiders, an Orthopedic Update, and Playing in Water

I’m feeling better emotionally. Not perfect, definitely still fragile but better. One thing that is helping is that my back is slowly improving. It is so hard to get everything done and care for everyone when you’re in pain. But it’s getting better. And I’m getting better. I’m also reading my Bible again, in the morning and again at night. That is hard for me to do when I’m not in a good place emotionally but it changes EVERYTHING when I do it.

We’ve had a few big spiders show up in our laundry room in the past couple of days so Stephen and Joshua have been working to resolve the problem by sealing the baseboards and plugging actual holes that were in the wall where we hadn’t noticed them (under some shelving).

As the weather has warmed up, I’ve introduced some water play into the girls’ afternoon. Instead of getting the wading pool out, I’ve just added about three inches into a container I picked up at Michael’s recently and they love it. When it gets dumped (which is inevitable), I get some more. Once that happens again, I get some more and say “all done” as I give it to them. This works and Elizabeth doesn’t complain. She even comes in usually at that point and lets me change her clothes.

Stephen went back to his orthopedic doctor this afternoon and he’s to return in a month. He’ll be continuing to go to therapy twice a week until then. I’m happy he’s with a new therapist who seems better qualified to help him. I feel bad for Stephen, though. His hand still has a long way to go before he’ll be able to lift, pull, and push things.

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