Izzy’s Talking, a New Freezer, and My Preggo Sister!

Isabella has been talking a lot more in the last week! She’s suddenly saying more and more words out of nowhere. It’s unbelievably strange to hear her talk while being so little because Elizabeth didn’t, and the older kids were “little” a long time ago so I tend to compare Izzy to Elizabeth a lot more than them. Anyway, she’s talking! She’ll be fifteen months on Friday.


She walks around the house holding reading material and saying “book, book, book, book” over and over again, lol. She hands me a book and then patiently watches and listens as I show her things and turn the pages. It’s wild how focused she is!

The other day, I saw my youngest sister for the first time in a long time!! We met at a café and had a great time talking (though the hours flew and I hated to leave). She is expecting a little boy – her first – in August so almost all of the conversation revolved around pregnancy and birth, which are topics I love. 😀 And then on Monday, Izzy and I went to her house and I was able to give her a bunch of baby gear that I used with our kids. That was a trip down memory lane, wow! I can still picture Joshua in the johnny-jump-up and backpack, his chunky little body, gosh. And Maggie as delicate and dainty as she was as a baby! Anyway, I know Natalie appreciates us passing the things down to her and I love that I was able to give them to someone I love instead of just donating them to a charity shop. 🙂

Stephen bought me a big freezer last week after realizing that the dinner prep time slot is really too hard for me to handle with the girls. I’ve dreaded dinner for many months now because it’s Elizabeth’s crankiest point in the day but I didn’t know what to do about it. Once the freezer gets delivered (which I think will be early next week), he wants me to fill it with convenience meals, which I plan to do a little, but I’m more excited about making freezer meals and learning that skill. You know, batch cooking on a Saturday and having casseroles and slow cooker meals in the freezer to pull out throughout the coming week. I’m so excited!

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