The Gun Range

Stephen took Joshua to the gun range on Wednesday once he got home from work. They trained him and he was able to shoot a few guns.

He had a great time shooting a semi-automatic AR and a glock something-or-other (a pistol, I think, lol). It was NOT CHEAP to do this and he’ll be paying if/when he goes back, but it was worth the money for him to get to shoot two real guns. Next time, he wants to try a shotgun. He’s trying to convince Maggie to come with them but she’s resisting so far. 😉

Those are two extra bullets he decided to keep instead of shooting. Shiny, aren’t they?

3 thoughts on “The Gun Range

    1. He loves to play a WWII game on his PlayStation so he recognizes and likes a lot of certain guns. He has learned the names of them and how they work so it was cool for him to experience the real thing in a safe environment with his dad. 🙂

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