Her First Friend and Red Lobster

I took the kids to the park on Monday afternoon and Elizabeth met a little boy. He and his mother spoke another language (maybe German?) and he seemed to be having difficulty making friends because of the language barrier. Elizabeth was near him and I said, “There’s a boy. Do you see the boy, Elizabeth?” And I signed boy. She looked at him (progress!) so I said, “Can you say “hi”?” And she did. He said hi back and then smiled at her. 🙂

He followed her around and she seemed to like the attention. She would say “slide” or “swing” and he would copy her and follow her to the said location. She was definitely aware of his presence but he could have walked away and she wouldn’t have minded, either. But I’m encouraged that she spoke to him and acknowledged him. 🙂

Joshua and I went out to Red Lobster for dinner last night. We hadn’t been in ages!

I ordered shrimp, which is my usual, but this guy was adventurous and got snow crab legs. Yikes!

He liked it but he had to “work for his dinner,” as he put it. lol And it was quite pricey for the amount of meat that he actually got. Anyway, it was an experience. 😉


3 thoughts on “Her First Friend and Red Lobster

  1. Sounds like a great time at the park! It’s great that Elizabeth was able to play with someone she’d never met before I don’t think I’ve ever been to Red Lobster, but a place that sells seafood sounds like my kind of restaurant. Is that grass on the playground or artificial turf? The only time I went to the States, I only saw playgrounds with rubberized turf which I found surprising. We either have sand or mulch.

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