Cleaning Up, Continuing to Homeschool and Singing Izzy to Sleep

Stephen has been such a huge help with the house in these last few years, through my pregnancies and then life with babies (again). But lately, he’s been really on top of things and getting so much done at night before bed as well as in the morning before we ever even get up! I am thankful that he’s not worn out. The kind of hours he used to have driving, and the workload he had before his accident, was so tiring for him. I know the money isn’t as good when you get rid of overtime but he feels so much better (minus the pain from his hand, of course).

Maggie has been putting together a curriculum for herself lately. She’s basically continuing homeschooling, it’s just that now she’s her own teacher! She loves learning and is interested in so many topics that she’s having to organize her thoughts and plans so she doesn’t become overwhelmed. I know she’d love to be working or going to college but the Lord has her here, still helping so much and supporting us with Elizabeth. I don’t know what her little sisters would do without her!

So, she’s learning “normal” things like ASL and world history, but also some rather unique topics like the origins of food and cultural studies. I think she’s been blogging about what she’s learning on a private blog to help with retention but I may be wrong (it is private, after all). 😉

Isabella is being rather challenging at night right now. She is waking numerous times and wanting to nurse, which is seriously hard on my back. I know she is cutting a tooth at the moment but I think she also has some developmental things going on. She is trying to be independent and yet totally dependent at the same time – that must be hard! But she is letting me sing to her after nursing, instead of complaining and wanting to continue to nurse, which is new as of last week.

Today, I moved some furniture around in my room so that I can have her crib next to the recliner instead of my bed. This way, when I nurse her I won’t be sitting up in my bed. My back gets really angry really fast, but sitting in the recliner is more comfortable. We’ll see how it goes tonight.

3 thoughts on “Cleaning Up, Continuing to Homeschool and Singing Izzy to Sleep

  1. I remember Maggie blogging about seeing where the Lord will lead her and it is awesome to see how He is using her.

    I hope your back is less angry with this new adjustment!


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