The Shooting Range, My Spine, and a Tornado

Just before lunchtime today, the wind and rain started picking up and then Stephen told us he had heard a tornado siren outside. Strangely, none of us had gotten notifications on our phones so it came as a surprise. When I looked at the map, the radar showed a serious hook in our area which I seem to remember hearing (a long time ago) creates a prime condition for a tornado to form. A few minutes later, the siren stopped and the weather completely changed. No more rain, a big gust of wind, and fairly clear skies. Ha! Weird.

An hour or so later, Stephen and Joshua left to go to a shooting range nearby. Joshua was more than a little excited because it was going to be his first experience firing a gun.

Unfortunately, they found out that the trainer is only there during the week and they won’t let a newbie shoot a gun without training first. So, they’re planning to go back one day this week.

While they were gone, Izzy napped and I did some prepping for tonight’s dinner and this week’s school, plus some housework and organizing. I swept and mopped the dining room, wiped off the table and cleaned the windows.

I also moved the girls’ play kitchen with a few plates and pretend food into the dining room. I’m hoping that changing things around will keep things fresh. I’ve been reorganizing a lot around the house this weekend. I’m going to be moving the game cabinet into the office tomorrow which I know will encourage more use of the games. 🙂 And I’ve been putting away lots of toys so that the girls (who are both in the dumping stage) won’t be able to clutter the house so easily (because it makes me crazy!) lol

My back has improved a lot, and I don’t have constant lightning pain anymore, but I still have an issue when pressure is put on it. In the van (oh! we got it back, by the way), in bed at night, and while sitting…all cause pain. The only position I’m truly comfortable in is standing, which works out because as a mom of five, I’m standing most of the time anyway! But I would really appreciate a night without pain. I think we’re approaching a month of this…

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