Size 7 Diapers and Taking Off Her Socks!

Stephen and Joshua have been spending the afternoon working on the back porch again. This time, they are adding a side-shade because once the summer sun and heat start, the mornings will be too hot out there because the sunshine comes right near the door. Elizabeth and Izzy both like opening the door all the way so I have been getting a bit nervous about our upcoming electric bill! But the guys are out there working on a solution. 🙂

I was searching for diaper options for Elizabeth the other night and discovered that the Parent’s Choice brand offers a size 7. I was so excited and relieved! We recently switched from Huggies to Parent’s Choice because even though Huggies are expensive, they were feeling damp when saturated which is a new phenomenon. Stephen bought Parent’s Choice on a whim recently and while they may not be very cute, they are super absorbent and significantly cheaper! He bought size six for her and four for Isabella but the sixes were snug on Elizabeth so when I found sevens I was thrilled.

A few days ago, Elizabeth took her socks off. She never, EVER takes her socks off (I change her socks every night before bath and/or before putting her on her pajamas for bed but never any other time). She has never walked around barefoot. So when she took them off and laughed at her toes, we were shook. She did it again today, too! Hello, little feet!!

Samuel has been playing a new game on the PS4 called Overwatch. It’s like Paladins but he finds it easier, I think. He’s really quite good at it, which has been a shock to Joshua, haha.

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