The Van’s A/C and Staying Home

Last Wednesday, we dropped our van off at the mechanic’s shop to have the air conditioning fixed. It had been working off and on (the compressor cutting off) for a long time and we didn’t want to go through another summer with it like that. We still don’t have it back yet, after nearly a week, because the issue wasn’t resolved by the first thing they tried so they decided to replace the whole compressor.

We have Stephen’s truck but it only seats 2½ people (only Samuel can squeeze between two of us – yes, I know he’s a whole person, lol) We didn’t bother getting the girls’ car seats out of the van because Elizabeth wouldn’t be able to ride in the truck without wanting to do it all the time, at least that’s what I’m assuming based on other situations she’s been in. So the little girls have been home for nearly a week at this point while the rest of us have taken turns going out. It has been a challenge staying home because Elizabeth had been napping in the afternoon in the van before all this. So, instead, she has either zonked out late (like 5:15 kind of late) or not napped at all. In a way, I guess it’s been a good thing because it’s weaned both of us from being dependent on a van nap, but I do miss having the ability to do it. Anyway, we’re still vanless…hopefully we’ll have her back today or tomorrow.

So, we’ve been staying home and some cute things have been happening. Elizabeth and Isabella have been crib buddies a lot. They play either in Elizabeth’s crib (which is in Maggie’s room) or in Isabella’s crib (which is in my room). When Izzy wakes up in the morning, or from her nap, Elizabeth jumps in with her. Some random afternoons they play in Elizabeth’s crib just for the heck of it. It is SO CUTE. I love seeing them snuggle and enjoy each other’s company!

They also play on our back porch together. Elizabeth is actively interacting with Izzy now and shows her the same affection she shows us, which is new (within three or four weeks, I’d say) but their play is super cute. Elizabeth chases her and Izzy happily runs and runs. Elizabeth also just follows and copies her behavior (so, if Izzy sits, she sits). It’s adorable seeing them play. I wasn’t sure if that would ever happen. I kind of thought it wouldn’t. Elizabeth keeps surprising me.

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