His Hand, My Back, and Adjusting to the Porch

Stephen is having quite a lot of discomfort when attempting to use his right hand after the carpal tunnel surgery he had last week. You can see the long scar which is from the plate/screws surgery he had a few months ago and the smaller one on his hand is from the recent surgery.

He’s been home healing but he goes back to work tomorrow. Of course, “back to work”
doesn’t mean driving, just the office job he’s been at since his first surgery in December. I hope his hand is healing properly and I hope he is able to resume physical therapy soon. He sees the orthopedic doctor again on Monday.

Unfortunately, I’ve been struggling with back pain (sciatica, if I’m self-diagnosing right) since early last week. I’m having lightning pain in my lower back, especially when sitting, and the pain radiates down my left side, into my bottom and all the way down my leg.  It progressively got worse for about a week but I finally had some relief yesterday only to be hurting again today. 😥

So, after the first rocky afternoon on our new back porch last Wednesday, we’ve fallen into a rhythm and it’s going really well.

We go outside multiple times a day and both girls enjoy it. When it rains, they explore for a few minutes but then we come in so they don’t get soaked.

At night, we talk about it being dark and that we’ll go back outside tomorrow. Elizabeth generally protests for a minute and then lets it go.

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