Carpal Tunnel Surgery and Speech Therapy Over the Phone

Yesterday, Stephen had surgery on his right wrist again. We had to leave our house just after five in the morning which was challenging but I was thankful that it meant that he wouldn’t have to be fasting for as long this time.

Everything went well. He was the first patient of the day, I read a book while waiting (no kids with me, obviously) and the surgery was successful as far as they know.

We stopped and got breakfast, a little mid-morning, post-surgery meal. 😉

When we got home, a speech therapist called me. She wanted to discuss the autism evaluation results that I had sent to her the day before. She said she didn’t want to discourage me from bringing her in on Friday (I made an appointment) but after reading all about Elizabeth, the first thing she asked was, “Have you considered doing in-home therapy for her?” YEEEESSSS Finally someone gets it! This is what Elizabeth needs.

Well, this speech therapist and I spent some time talking all about the way Elizabeth communicates and she gave me some great ideas and pointers. I told her what we’ve already done and had success with. We enjoyed talking. 😊 She thinks in-home is the best option for her but she also knows we’re not finding anyone. So she encouraged me to still bring her on Friday to meet her and then she had a good idea – she offered to do a sort of therapy over the phone with me. If we were to talk once a week or something, she could help guide me in my teaching of Elizabeth. This may be the perfect solution for now.

4 thoughts on “Carpal Tunnel Surgery and Speech Therapy Over the Phone

  1. Wow!!!! Such great news that someone finally understands what is in Elizabeth’s best interests! I really hope that the Friday appointment goes well, but with someone who is already sensitive to your daughter’s strengths and challenges, it has a better chance of being positive. Glad the surgery went well xx.

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