Catching Up on Last Week

I’ve been emotionally recovering from all the autism stuff, dealing with the letdown of not finding in-home therapy for Elizabeth, and trying to figure out lesson planning for the boys so I haven’t felt like blogging, but I’m feeling better so here is an update on how we spent last week.

Maggie got her haircut on Monday and also got her ears pierced! She looks really cute and it totally surprised me that she wanted to do that. She made a great decision and they both really suit her.

In the afternoon, all the kids went out so I could lesson plan. I needed that so much. I ended up ordering a reading curriculum that I’ve never tried before called Horizons.

On Tuesday, we all went to the park and Elizabeth was being really social. 🙂 It’s definitely feeling like spring here!

Maggie helped with the girls quite a bit all week, like normal. They love spending time with her.

On Saturday, I went to the library by myself so of course I had to take a selfie to commemorate it!

I found a book about gifted children and I swear all four kids (not counting Izzy yet) were described in this book by what little I read when I first began it!

I didn’t feel like cooking on Saturday so most of us had leftovers, but I made Stephen and Joshua each a Belgian waffle masterpiece. lol

Yesterday, Maggie and Joshua went to Six Flags and had a fantastic time enjoying the rides and the weather. This is my Life 360 app of them riding a roller coaster called Dare Devil Dive.

Stephen and I took the younger kids into Atlanta to shop at Trader Joe’s. The girls did great and traffic wasn’t too bad.

And that was our week. Stephen is off this week; he’ll be working on a project with Joshua today and tomorrow, and then having surgery on his wrist on Wednesday followed by recovery Thursday and Friday.

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