Isabella’s One Year Checkup and a Breast Infection

I ended up coming down with the virus everybody else got and then I also actually developed a breast infection. Izzy had accidentally bitten  me while latching on one day early in the week and a day and a half later, I had a cut, pain, and a red streak on my left breast. I treated the cut with hydrogen peroxide and by the next day it was better. 🙂 So glad I didn’t have to try finding an antibiotic that is safe to take while breastfeeding and that I’m not allergic to! Thankfully, all of us are better now – just in time for the weekend.

On Thursday, Isabella had her one year check-up at the pediatrician’s office. It happened a month late because we had some insurance issues in February and because the doctor had flooding at his office. So this appointment was at his other location which we’d never been to before.

Isabella is in perfect health and we were only there for a short time. She’s 23½ lbs and 31 inches tall. 🙂 We decided to wait on the vaccines that she was due for because she hadn’t yet gotten sick and I didn’t want to risk her coming down with it while also dealing with shots. I have to say, when they ask developmental questions about her now, I get major anxiety. I am SO SCARED that I am not picking up on problems with her because of how things have gone with Elizabeth. But she’s fine. She’s not showing any signs of autism. Gosh, when will this stop?

While we there, I talked to Rachel about Elizabeth for a few minutes. She’s the one who sent us for the autism evaluation, the one who did the M-CHATs, the one who has seen and heard about the problems. But she hadn’t gotten the news yet from the psychologist that she was diagnosed with ASD and GDD. I told her how we’re having trouble finding in-home therapy and she let her billing department lady know and she (Rachel) and the billing lady (can’t remember her name) are going to do some digging and see if they can help us. Hey, a little glimmer of hope. ❤

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