The Urgent Care Center

Samuel had a low-grade fever yesterday but then seemed fine the entire rest of the day. No stridor, or sore throat, or loss of voice. This morning, however, he woke with full-blown croup!

I feel so bad for him when that happens. It hurts when he barks (coughs), he has little to no voice, and his airway is restricted which makes it uncomfortable to breathe.

I gave him 5ml of Prednisolone and got ready to take him to be seen (because I didn’t trust if I could tell if his pulse ox was good or not). Unfortunately, his pediatrician’s office got flooded a few weeks back and the secondary location is having to double up on patients so I decided to take him to an urgent care center near our home instead.

I swear, he is such a happy kid, lol. I did not ask him to say cheese!! This is honestly him while sick. ❤️😍

Anyway, his pulse ox was 96 which is low-ish for him but within normal range. But she offered a nebulizer treatment of saline so he did that. He found the cool air outside felt good and the steroid started working. We went to Publix, grabbed a few necessities and his prescription, and then came home.

Oh, Elizabeth is completely better, Joshua is sick, and I’m back & forth. 🙃

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