Croup (Again)

Stephen was really roughing it last week with going in to work every day even though he wasn’t feeling well. He felt especially lousy yesterday morning and I finally had to send him back to bed! He took an almost three hour nap and felt a lot better after that.

When Elizabeth got up in the morning, she felt warm and after her nap (which she oddly took on the couch), she felt like she definitely had a fever. I heard stridor when she cried in the evening so I assumed that she had croup. It always starts that way – well, if we’re lucky it does. I gave her a dose of the oral steroid we have in the refrigerator and some Motrin before her bath.

Izzy was grumpy and clingy for most of the day and I wondered if maybe she was getting sick, too. I felt fine until around dinner time and then my throat started to feel scratchy. Samuel said his throat felt scratchy as well.

This morning, Izzy is fine, Samuel has a low-grade fever, my throat feels about the same, and Elizabeth has croup.

She’s not barking (likely because we got the steroid in her early enough) but her breathing is very rough sounding (deep, throaty) and the stridor is worse than last night when she cries. 😕 Thank goodness we had a prescription on hand because, you know, pediatricians aren’t open on nights or weekends.

To get Elizabeth to take her medicine, Maggie has to hold her and I give her a little bit at a time, with a donut hole as a reward when we’re finished. Thankfully, she only has to take two doses a day.

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