Two Massive Disappointments

Maggie and I took Samuel, Elizabeth and Isabella to gymnastics yesterday morning. It was an open gym time from 10-12 and I hadn’t been sure if Elizabeth would be interested for more than an hour or not. The lady let me pay for an hour and said we could pay more if we decided to stay longer.

Something happened that I’d rather not talk about but which sent us home after only 20-25 minutes. Samuel was really disappointed and so was I. I don’t usually cry about these things but it was especially upsetting. 😢 And as I put Elizabeth in her car seat, I cried tears of embarrassment, anger (not at Elizabeth), and sadness.

She was happy in the van and played all afternoon. 😊

When we got home, the speech therapist that I’ve been in contact with for over a week (getting Elizabeth’s referral sent to, talking with, answering her questions, etc) texted me saying that she is sending us to a different therapist that she knows. ??!! I wanted HER. Now she tells me that she doesn’t have an opening? ☹️ I texted her back and told her that I was really only interested in seeing her for the evaluation and asked if she had availability or not…and she never replied.

And so, last night I researched speech therapy again and what my options are for doing it at home. These therapists have stolen enough of my time.

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