Elizabeth | 32 Months

This is an update on our affectionate and spirited daughter, Elizabeth. She was recently diagnosed with autism levels 2 & 3 for social communication and restrictive, repetitive behavior (plus language impairment) and global developmental delay. She has severe rigidity and some sensory issues but is otherwise healthy and happy. This is her at 32 months.

She knows every letter of the alphabet, their sounds, and words to go along with them. She will even go so far as to categorize the words into foods or animals. (A, aaa, apple, B, bbb, banana OR A aaa aardvark, B bbb buffalo) It’s really amazing. She loves lining up her foam letters on the floor and putting them in order. She also plays with her alphabet puzzle a lot, saying the letters and sounds, and taking them in and out while saying words to go along with them. Her favorite videos on YouTube relate to letters.

She has lost some words this month. She used to be able to request more things that were out of sight (like the cabinet in our office) but now she seems to be randomly throwing together sounds a fair amount and is therefore harder to understand.

She requests going to three places: the park, her doctor (the psychologist, who has toys, lol), and the store (Publix). I love when I can tell her that YES, we’re going to one of them. 🙂

She is funny about asking for foods now. She might say, “Candy?” (she will say it in quick succession if I don’t respond fast enough) If I say, “No, not right now” then she might say “Cookie?” or “Pizza?” Until she gets me to agree to one, lol. Usually, I can offer fruit and she will agree. Strawberries, grapes and bananas are her current favorites but she also really likes pineapple on pizza.

She is back to taking a nap most afternoons. It only takes about twenty minutes for her to feel refreshed. I almost always have to drive in the van for her to nap. But it works and it makes bedtime so much nicer.

She has fun at a park about an hour from us. There is fencing all the way around so she can’t leave (why don’t all parks have this?) She likes to climb and slide but she loves to swing. She still doesn’t take any notice of the other kids.

She is back to liking the bath, thank goodness. She will even let me take out her hair tie but I have to leave her necklace on.

She has traded necklaces for now. She wore a multi-colored butterfly one for several weeks straight but now she’s in a white with mint bows one 24/7. Very girlie. 🙂

She’s playing pretend with her babies and her dollhouse a lot every day. She has started inviting me to play with her since we began doing DIR Floortime. 😀

She gets extremely emotional every time Isabella cries. I mean, it BREAKS HER HEART and she sobs! It is so sad. We try very, very hard to keep Izzy happy!!

When Isabella complains, however, Elizabeth screams at her (or to us, about her) Go figure.

She enjoys playing with Playdoh in the high chair. She has recently started squishing it and using cookie cutters. She still licks it and/or puts it in her mouth if I don’t watch her closely.

She doesn’t do well going places that over-stimulate her. Walmart, gymnastics, the library (if there’s a program and other children there), therapy rooms that have too much going on…these are all out.

She sleeps with her three stuffed animals, her water cup, and her blanket. She usually sleeps ON all of these, or at least with them all up near her head. She goes to bed willingly but I do have to carry her into the bedroom.

She still side glances, especially when spinning around the living room or when looking at a face on the television. She likes watching old home videos of Maggie and Joshua and laughs so much when they come close to the screen being silly!

Her everyday outfit still makes her very happy and she never complains about her clothes. She generally does not complain about getting changed anymore either!

She enjoys her pretend food (she calls it “snack”) but she usually plays with it by lining everything up and/or putting food combinations on play plates.

She will occasionally eat with a spoon or a fork but she almost always still eats with her hands.

She’s understanding one-step directions more often now. When I ask her to hand me her tablet or find her milk cup, she can usually do it.

She walks on her toes almost all the time. I need to start stretching her feet and legs when we’re hanging out so she doesn’t get tight muscles.

She really likes when I blow bubbles to her and Isabella but when I have tried letting her do it, she takes the wand, puts it in her mouth and leaves! 😛

She still loves hair. She has started wearing a little clip (like a bear or butterfly) in addition to her ponytail. She loves squeezing my hair and Maggie’s. The happy face she makes because of it still makes us laugh.

She likes the new swing we got and gets in it on her own a lot. She sometimes asks us to “push, push” her and other times she does it on her own with her feet.

She says a lot of things are “cute.” If she likes it, it’s probably cute, lol.

She will repeat individual words we say probably 75% of the time. She struggles with the /f/ sound but nothing else, to my knowledge.

She doesn’t seem to know how to group words into phrases even though she can say them independently.

She has started saying “shua” for Joshua. 🙂

Thanks for reading. See you next month!

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