Youth Group and Nearly Breaking My Wrist

The three oldest kids went out to a shopping center after lunch yesterday. They went out so I could have a chance to spend some (uninterrupted) time playing with Izzy and Elizabeth, but they also went in order to teach Samuel the art of window shopping. Seriously, this child has a problem; he wants to buy something every time we go out. Usually I’m able to distract and encourage him to save  but he needs some honest practice going to places that sell things he likes and leaving without buying anything otherwise I fear hoarding is in his future!

When they got home, I took Elizabeth out for a drive and she fell asleep. I let her nap for twenty minutes: perfect.

I made spaghetti for dinner and then I took Joshua to a church he used to go to a few years ago for Wednesday night youth group. Since having so many problems going on in our family, he hasn’t been able to be part of things like this in a while. :/ But we’re getting back to it! And I’m excited for the kids. 🙂 He enjoyed it and plans to go every week.

Last night, I stepped on a toy (big surprise) and went flying back onto the couch, stopping myself with my left wrist on the arm of the couch. I thought, for a minute or two, that I might have broken it because the pain was really intense on the top of my wrist and radiating into my hand. Thankfully, it subsided and this morning it seems fine, perhaps a tiny bit sore. Phew, close call!

Oh, a side note: Isabella wore a dress that was Maggie’s and Elizabeth’s yesterday and I could hardly handle the cuteness. ^_^ (sorry for the blurriness, she never stops moving!!)

4 thoughts on “Youth Group and Nearly Breaking My Wrist

  1. Glad you didn’t break anything! Toys are so hard to keep under control! We don’t have that many, but there’s always one or two surprising us in an unsuspecting place (like in the middle of the stairs!). Isabella looks so cute! I love seeing my kids in hand-me-downs as it brings back so many memories 😍.

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