The Gym and a Spring Day at the Park/Library

Yesterday, Maggie and Joshua went to workout at the gym together for the first time. We got their memberships on Saturday but they actually started going today. They both used the treadmills and the ellipticals, I think. I love that they’re old enough to do this!

In the afternoon, we dropped Maggie and Samuel off at the library and then Joshua and I took the little girls to a park.

Maggie texted me that Samuel was having fun with another seven year old boy and that they were playing Star Wars; one of them was Darth Vader and the other was Yoda, lol.

Joshua chased Elizabeth around the park for the first half of us being there and I pushed Isabella around in the stroller. Then we switched.

When we were nearing time to leave, Elizabeth was swinging so when she was done I held her and she wasn’t struggling to get down so I asked her if she was ready to go bye-bye. She didn’t say yes but she didn’t say no or try to get down so we started walking toward to gate to leave the park. I asked her if she wanted chips (I had planned on her being hungry) and she said “chips.” I carried her all the way to the van and she willingly got in. That doesn’t usually happen so I was thrilled!

While we were at the park, Stephen was picking up his new glasses. They look nice!

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