The Autism Evaluation Results

We got the 12 page report from Elizabeth’s psychologist this morning. The results are not surprising but I’m still in shock for some reason. She’s been diagnosed with F84.0 Autism Spectrum Disorder with accompanying language impairment and F88 Global Developmental Delay.

She’s considered an ASD level 2 for social communication and level 3 for restricted/repetitive behaviors. Her overall average developmental age is 12 months (she’s almost 32 months) which explains why her almost 13 month old little sister seems more mature than her at times.

Stephen and I have been planning to go back to the psychologist for a follow-up but now I’m not sure. The report is very thorough and includes twenty-two recommendations at the end; it includes books to read, how we should proceed with things like school and therapies, and government interaction. I don’t know that there is a need for a follow-up. It’s not covered by insurance so it’s a $300 decision. If it’s not needed, we may not go. Stephen and I are going to sit down together and read the whole thing together before making a decision.

I’ve been feeling quite anxious about her language/speech yet I don’t know what to do. She needs in-home therapy but we would have to move north of the city to be close enough to any therapists who offer that, and we cannot move at this time.

– frustrated and a little sad

12 thoughts on “The Autism Evaluation Results

  1. Oh, *hugs* Valerie. You can be pretty certain what to expect, but seeing it printed out in black and white brings a whole new level of realness.

    What would the follow-up entail, I wonder? Looking at my own experience, they are usually meant to help parents understand all of the terminology and an opportunity to ask questions in light of what was included in the report.

    I truly hope that you will find a good match for your daughter as far as therapists go.

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  2. I feel you. I’ve been there. I know you homeschool the rest of your kids but please consider putting her in public school where she would get services for free. Including peer support and therapists who come to the school or home. Research what your state offers but there are federal laws that mandate most of this. Also being in a structured classroom is one of the best thing for autistic children. My daughter is 16 and we still consider summer school for her as it provides a routine. Outside of school her life is very structured and she meets with three therapists including a community aide to help prepare for life after high school, including college. I was homeschooled so I know the benefits so please don’t thing I’m bashing your choice to educate your children. I’m just saying with an autistic child a classroom setting and public schools offer the best resources (most for free, including transportation). It’s been 14 years since we received our daughters initial diagnosis (she was two) and it still is hard but I’m proud of you for getting her the help she needs.

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    1. Because she is so young, and the diagnosis so new, I really don’t yet have any idea what we’ll be doing as far as her education goes. I am looking diligently for OT and ST, and fun activities for her to participate in as well.
      I’m glad your daughter has found school to be so helpful, that’s awesome!


  3. Getting the results is hard but its also kind of nice to know and that opens the door to services. I’m sorry to hear your in a location where you cant get home therapy! I’d keep looking, maybe your insurance can reccomend a place that will come to you guys. Good luck!!

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    1. I’ve only known officially for a week now and I can tell I’m very much in denial. It’s not that I don’t think she is autistic, it’s that I don’t think she is going to REMAIN autistic which I know doesn’t make sense but there it is. 😛
      Thank you! ❤️ I’m glad you’ve seen progress!!


      1. Very normal. At times you will constantly think maybe she will grow out of it. Reality is no, but you can hope with early Intervention therapy and support she will be able to still live a very happy life and grow to be independent. Never set her goals low, she will surprise you everyday with the accomplishments she can achieve.

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