The Library and Park + Another Surgery?!

I took Samuel back to the library yesterday and there were only a few kids there but he still had fun. We built a neat structure together with magnetic tiles.

Maggie and Joshua took Elizabeth to the park while we were at the library and she had a blast seeing and petting big dogs. Maybe we can find something for her to be part of that has dogs as therapy. Hmm

Poor Stephen went back to the orthopedic doctor yesterday and the results from the neurologist indicated that he has SEVERE carpal tunnel and that it actually requires surgery! I can’t believe he’s going to need another operation. But on a good note, at least there’s something that can be done for the numbness and discomfort.

2 thoughts on “The Library and Park + Another Surgery?!

  1. I’m glad that the source of your husband’s numbness was found and that there is a fix (even if that fix is surgery).

    As for Elizabeth, I hope you find something that will work well for her. Zootherapy (not sure if that’s the term in English) can be really great for individuals with special needs. I know that at the school I work at we have an autistic student with a therapeutic dog.

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    1. Me, too. I do hope the surgery helps him (I fear it won’t for some reason).

      I know, animals are perfect for her! The place I’m going today (the non-profit one) has some sort of pet therapy so I’m going to find out the specifics when I’m there. 🙂

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