The New Swing & Expressing Discomfort

We weren’t very happy with the therapy swing so we bought a different kind. We actually got a basic baby and toddler swing this time and it is much better. Stephen and Joshua had to make an attachment for the swing stand/frame which took most of Saturday afternoon but it’ll be worth it if the girls enjoy swinging.

Elizabeth ended up enjoying pushing Izzy in it just as much as she liked riding in it. It was so sweet to see. And then it seemed to open up a door in her mind because she went and got some pretend food and offered it to Isabella. She’s never given her any toys, to my knowledge, so that was huge!

Another thing that surprised me yesterday was hearing Elizabeth say “Oh no. Hurt. Mouth.” She had been having a snack so she either bit her lip or tongue, or the salt from the crackers bothered her lips. But the point is that she expressed discomfort AND said WHERE that discomfort was located! Again this is huge. I get so excited every day, I swear. lol

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