Neurology, Trader Joe’s, and Hearing Back from Lekotek

Stephen has numbness in his thumb and three fingers (his pinky is unaffected) on his right hand so his orthopedic doctor sent him to see a neurologist on Wednesday. Unfortunately, he got poked and prodded a ton, and was quite uncomfortable while his nerves and muscles were being checked. We don’t know much from that appointment but the results are being sent over to the orthopedic for him to sort out, I guess. He goes to see him on Monday.

I got a call back from Lekotek of Georgia on Wednesday. Lekotek is a non-profit organization that supports families who have a child (or children) with special needs. It is a place for the child(ren) to play and learn how to play BETTER, and have fun without expectations. It is also a support for the parents and siblings of the special needs child(ren) by offering events and classes just for them. I have an intake appointment next week so we can get begin getting involved.

We went to Trader Joe’s on Wednesday afternoon and it went fine other than the traffic on the way home. Elizabeth was cold and I’d forgotten to get her jacket so I offered her my pullover and she happily wore it (and looked super cute in it). 🙂

5 thoughts on “Neurology, Trader Joe’s, and Hearing Back from Lekotek

    1. We are, too!
      Yes! You have a good memory. 🙂 He fell off his truck in 2013 and broke his left wrist, and now he fell on a job site and broke his right wrist. 😦 Not sure if he’ll be returning this time actually.


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