The Dentist, Wisdom Teeth, and Walmart

Yesterday morning, I had a dental appointment. It was a catch-up appointment, for sure. With all the years of pregnancy and breastfeeding, I have not been able to have the work done on my teeth that I would have liked. Isabella is close to weaning (during the daytime, anyway) so I am looking at the possibility of beginning some of the treatments needed.

The first will be a few fillings but then I am actually going to be getting my wisdom teeth removed. When I was about thirty, the one on the bottom right erupted but the other three are still under the gum and their positions aren’t great if they were to begin moving. So, that’s the plan. An expensive plan, lol.

In the afternoon, I took Samuel and Elizabeth to Walmart for a few things. I never take Elizabeth to Walmart because it’s just so big, has so much going on, and the likelihood of her wanting to be done before I am is high. So, we went yesterday because it has been a long time since I tried but it was a fail. We walked in (her in the shopping cart, Samuel and I walking) and she spotted the GIANT Valentine’s Day stuffed animals. She wanted to see them but with Elizabeth, that means she wants to hold them, so I had to say something about them as we kept moving. Usually, I try to distract her but she would have none of it. She started screaming and wouldn’t stop. It wasn’t a meltdown and there were no tears, but she was loud. I got down close to her and asked (as a question, not a threat) “Do you want to go home?” and she totally surprised me when she said, “YeeeEEsss!!” And so we left. I could tell she was tired so I drove around a bit and she fell asleep. Samuel was disappointed that it went the way that it did but we had a good talk about autism, developmental age versus chronological age, and how she is not trying to cause problems. It was a successful trip for this reason alone. 🙂

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