Rice Table, Walking, and His First Drive-Thru

We bought a sand table back in the fall to use as a multi-purpose table for the girls. We’ve done different things with it but the favorite activity, which is enjoyed by Elizabeth (and both boys when given the right circumstances!) is rice play.

She loves it! But the problem is that she gets bored of neat and tidy play after a bit and then it starts ending up all over the floor.

It doesn’t bother me that she climbs up into it and sits to play, or that a little bit of rice ends up on the floor, but when she pours it all over, we have to be done because correction is not received well.

BIG NEWS!! Isabella is walking!!!! She started last Saturday, which was so cute because it was her birthday. She had taken some steps here and there before then but she took a good six or seven steps in a row on that day and she’s just increased since then. 🙂

Yesterday afternoon, Joshua and I went out when Elizabeth was napping and Isabella was happy with Maggie. Joshua had some more driving practice and he went through his very first drive-thru. It was just to get him a drink but it was a big driving milestone, of course. 😉



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