In Need of Naps

Elizabeth had a bad morning yesterday so we all had a bad morning. She was so unhappy, and for no apparent reason. I hate when that happens because I feel like all the good in the days leading up to it is gone.

I took her out for a drive to see if tiredness was part of the problem and she fell asleep within about ten minutes. I got myself a pity lunch from Chick-Fil-A and went home. I carried Elizabeth inside and put her on the couch, giving her the opportunity to continue sleeping if she needed to (which she did). She slept for a total of about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Isabella is a big fan of the therapy swing and falls asleep easily in it for naps. What a fantastic discovery!!

Also, I found out yesterday that Elizabeth can hold eye contact for a lot longer when I’m singing to her. 😀

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