Pediatric Psychology Appointment & Back to Work

Monday morning, we went to Elizabeth’s first appointment with a pediatric psychologist. I was so happy with who we chose, she was fantastic. Her office was full of toys and Elizabeth was happy as the doctor and I talked. She observed her some of the time as well. There were loads and loads of questions for me, both on forms I’d previously filled out and that I was asked verbally. It was intense because most of my answers about Elizabeth were indicative of autism.

By the end of the hour, the psychologist was telling me the next step, which is a play focused evaluation. I wasn’t completely sure what the evaluation process would be discovering so I asked, and her answer was one word, what I suspected: AUTISM. I didn’t know if perhaps there were other kinds of evaluations looking at other developmental things or not but she thinks (or knows) that she has autism, I could tell.

After the evaluation, we will have another appointment with the doctor to discuss the results. This will likely be at least few weeks afterward. Stephen and I will go without Elizabeth so we can learn about all the available therapies and resources near us, as well as the doctor’s thoughts on Elizabeth, of course.

Our appointment is next Thursday. I have another stack of papers with questions to answer between now and then. It’s surreal to be taking my fourth baby to a psychologist. She’s wonderful (the doctor, I mean) but in taking Elizabeth there, I am definitely admitting there’s a problem which is hard as a parent. I think this is going to be a really good thing for all of us, though!

In other news, Maggie had her interview at the clothing store on Monday morning. It went well but she won’t know if she got the job until the end of the week.

Also, Stephen went to his orthopedic doctor on Monday afternoon and he released him back to work, but with limitations. Instead of driving, he’s working at an office very near to our house, filing and sorting papers. He hates it. lol

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