Immediate & Delayed Echolalia + Following a One Step Direction

Elizabeth has been repeating phrases from shows and videos for awhile now. This is called delayed echolalia, and it means the repetition of phrases after a period of time no matter how short or long that period is. She uses some phrases in correct context, such as “Uh-bye, see ooh layer!” when she wants the doctor to leave the exam room, and other phrases a little less correctly, like “Hi, zubba-zubba-zubba” when she is happy and sees one of us (her family). Both phrases are from videos by the YouTube channel called Mother Goose Club Playhouse. I really hate that channel. πŸ˜› But anyway, she’s been copying and repeating a number of phrases like that as part of her speech for at least a few months now. At first, I was concerned but after reading that it can actually encourage delayed talkers, I let go of the concern. But now she also has immediate echolalia.

Today, something happened to the tablet she was watching videos on and she needed help. I was on the couch nursing Isabella and the tablet was on our dining room table. I have always had to get up for something like this because she doesn’t understand bringing it to me. But today I decided to go ahead and encourage her anyway. She came over to me and said, “Uh-oh! Oh, no! Uh happen?” And I said, “Oh, dear!” to which she held up her her hand to her head and signed ‘deer’ while saying it, lol. I asked, “What happened? Do you need help?” She replied with, “Help.” So I said, “Elizabeth, go get it. Can you go get it?” To which she said, “Get it, comeer” but she didn’t move. I tried one more time, “Bring it to mama. Can you go get it?” and she said “Get it.” At this point, she looked like she was going to give up but then she looked deep in thought for a second or two and then made her way to the table, picked up the tablet, and brought it to me!

As soon as she got it, I said “Good girl!!” and she immediately said “Girl. Girl” lol I said, “Good job! Good girl! You got it!” and she said “Girl.” πŸ™‚

I don’t know if the increase in echolalia is a good or bad thing when it comes to her speech development, but I am SO HAPPY that she was able to understand that I wanted her to get the tablet and that she went and got it successfully!!

6 thoughts on “Immediate & Delayed Echolalia + Following a One Step Direction

  1. I must have some form of echolalia, because I chronically quote movies and songs. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚
    And I’m so happy she brought the tablet to you! I wish I had been home to watch it happen πŸ˜’πŸ˜‰

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  2. How fantastic πŸ™‚ It’s so rewarding to watch their cognitive skills get to work. I had no idea that echolalia was a term used. We learned really quick about that with our son when he was two. He has always paid attention to much more than we give him credit for and then uses words that I did not expect him to say both good and naughty haha. They really listen to so much, it’s amazing to watch them grow and learn.

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