A Job Interview, Learning to Walk, and the Photo that Made Me Cry

Maggie went and applied at a clothing store yesterday morning, and in the afternoon she was asked for an interview on Monday! I’m so excited for her, this job would be perfect! Eek!!

As I’ve mentioned before, Elizabeth has some intense issues with her little sister. No aggression or hostility, but tons of fear and discomfort. The photo below was taken last night after she requested for me to get Izzy and bring her into the living room to play on the slide with her.

She said, “Baby, swide, c’mere, down, yes!” She has held her on the slide three or four times before (by chance, after I initiated it on a whim maybe a month ago) but otherwise she has no contact with Isabella. And I have certainly never captured a photo of them like this. She has never held her baby sister and looked like this. She was COMPLETELY comfortable in this moment and that both makes my heart sing and breaks my heart at the same time. I have never gotten to look at their faces simultaneously before. Comparing their features and looking at how similar they are, how Isabella isn’t really all that much smaller than her sister. I…I don’t know what else to say. This photo is priceless to me.

In the evening, Isabella did all kinds of walking around the living room, pushing our little grocery cart! I was putting Elizabeth to bed at the time so I don’t have any pictures but Maggie took a video. πŸ™‚ For weeks, I’ve been trying to encourage her with the little push walker we have but she would have none of it! Haha

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