Pink Pants & Getting a Pediatric Psychologist Appointment

Most days, Elizabeth has been handling getting changed in the morning but our evening routine has taken a turn for the worse. She always wears a white cotton t-shirt along with sweatpants or knit pants to bed. Up until recently, she had been okay with a variety of color when it came to the pants but this week she has decided that she will only wear pink. Last night, she had a meltdown because I attempted to put a pair of light purple, very-nearly-pink sweats on her. (I thought they’d be ok because she’d worn them the night before!) Once Maggie went and found a pink pair for her, she got dressed and wanted to go to bed but her screaming by that point had woken Isabella. I had to go nurse her back to sleep so Maggie had to take Elizabeth to bed. This caused a MAJOR meltdown. When I went back in to help after caring for Izzy, Elizabeth was mad at me. She wouldn’t look at me and she started screaming in a “different” way than she had been. I asked her if she wanted me to leave and she said in a teeny, tiny voice, “No” so I stayed. She wouldn’t look at me, though. She fell asleep pretty fast after that. 😕

This morning, I felt an extra boost of motivation. I called a pediatric psychologist that takes our insurance, ready to ask questions about evaluations but I figured we’d be denied or put on a waiting list just like everywhere else. I was totally surprised when the receptionist said they actually had a cancellation for Monday if I wanted it! Heck yeah!!

This appointment will be what’s called an intake appointment, lasting approximately one hour. It’s basically an introduction and overview of everything Elizabeth has going on. Then, after getting to know us and the situation a little bit better, she will recommend a course of action. This could include an autism evaluation or other type of evaluation, I don’t know.

I’m so happy to have the ball rolling, finally! I’m not looking for a specific diagnosis but I have found myself really wanting and aching lately for a better look inside Elizabeth’s mind. I’m thinking that a pediatric psychologist is just the person who can help.

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