Sickness and Swelling

I think I made it through this virus with just a day of scratchy throat followed by a day of mild coughing! Unfortunately, both little girls have terrible stuffy/runny noses that don’t want to let up. Samuel is starting to get sick, too. He had to take so much Prednisolone last time (during Christmas week) that it won’t be good if this turns into croup again and he needs steroids. 😢 I’m praying it just presents as a cold.

Stephen’s hand/wrist is quite swollen and it’s hurting every day that he does his therapy exercises. He took yesterday off from doing them and he noticed a big difference in his comfort today.

5 thoughts on “Sickness and Swelling

  1. Sometimes I really wonder about therapy exercises. I’ve seen some people only hurt afterward. I know with beginning exercise it hurts at first so maybe healing is the same process to get everything back to work?


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